Making health the bottom line.

KAPIL KHATTER MDEvery day our health is put at stake for money’s sake – profits are put ahead of people, corporate interests trump public health, governments fail to protect our well-being. Harmful products, predatory marketing, toxic pollution, the fun never stops.

That is where this website comes in. My action blog brings you important stories about our health being put at risk. And! can help you be part of the solution.

There are the usual comment sections where you can you write your intelligent, well-thought-out and not at all abusive or vulgar responses. But along with the articles, there are chances to go further – to sign a meaningful petition, to donate to help change things, to write to someone important who really ought to be doing important things to help.

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I am a family doctor in Ottawa, Canada who is drawn to the social, the economic, the global, to the broader causes of poor health and illness. The marketing of harmful products, the contamination of our environment, profits distorting our health care systems – they really bring out my passion. Forget the ounce of prevention, we need a pound of it.

I am a former executive director, policy director, science advisor and media spokesperson. I was privileged to win the 2011 Nicole Bruinsma Memorial Award for Environmental Leadership and the 2011 College of Family Physicians of Canada Environmental Health Award.

Whether you are a health-curious parent, a lunch-hour commentator, or a what’s-wrong-with-kids-these-days curmudgeon, this website is for you. Stay informed. Be part of the solution. Because what’s good for their wealth is not always good for your health.